Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hallmark $25 Giveaway

  • So...I have to be honest I like Hallmark, just some of their stuff in their store is too cutesy for my taste. I have friends that work there, and I love their work! Their stuff is an exception to me not caring for some of the other things in the store. I'm more of a Cost Plus World Market kind of girl, which they took both of those stores out of Omaha.
  • I do have a Mother that LOVES Hallmark! She gets ornaments for the boys every year from there. She talks about going there all the time.
  • Go Graham Go is giving away two $25 Hallmark gift cards! If you are interested, enter to win!
  • I do like Hallmark's classic toy ornaments. *Featured above. Fisher Price is GREAT! Santa did go to the store to buy Isaak their Jack in the Box ornament because the Jack in the Box is one of his favorite toys!
  • I just wish that for $15 to $20 they'd put hangers on the ornaments. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I string thread through the tiny hole, and it always ends up breaking. So...this year I started using twisty ties from the grocery store in the fruit/vegetable section. I felt at first it was sort of a trashy thing to do, but soon changed my mind when the tie blended into the tree so nice! They are perfect because they are green, are the perfect size and have wire inside that make them hold up. Yay...no sewing box out for me!
  • I also have the singing snowman for the boys that drive Daddy and me nuts! All was good because there is an off switch, but now Mica knows how to turn it back on. LOL The boys enjoy the snowmen though! They dance and giggle to them often, too often. LOL

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