Thursday, May 6, 2010

Isaak's Big Boy Room

  • So...I'm prepping to work on Isaak's big boy room.
  • I took down all of Isaak's Lamb's and Ivy nursery set. :(
  • It's a little sad because this bedding has been up since Mica was born. Grandma Apel bought it. I did take apart the bumper pad, and made wall hanging's with them since they aren't supposed to be in a baby's crib. I did the same with the blanket. We didn't have everything pictured here. Just the bedding, rug, window hanging, crib sheet and diaper holder.
  • The Lambs and Ivy bedding gave me dreams of giving birth to a bull frog when I was pregnant with Mica. LOL
  • For a year, or so Isaak's going to have this robot bedding from Target (see below). The whole set was only $20. He'll get this bedding for his birthday.
  • I'm going to paint the top part of the walls blue, and leave the bottom part green. It's a transitional room, so I'm going to paint rolling graphic hills.
  • Later on Isaak will get his big boy bedding seen below.
  • It sort of fell into place.
  • I won a vinyl tree to put on Isaak's wall for his big boy room from Now What Baby. I may be taking the pink butterflies out.
  • The rolling hills will go perfect with this bedding and tree.
  • Shortly after I won...I got a catalog from Pottery Barn Kids. This is not a store I usually get things from because they are expensive, but they had bedding that was sooo cute and was on clearance!
  • The bedspread and tree both have dots on them.
  • The sheets have Doctor Seuss characters on them along with balls.
  • We're doing a park scene on the walls.
  • We're hanging plastic balls from the ceiling with fishing line, and I'll make a kite that will hang on the wall.
  • He's in LOVE with balls, so this is perfect!
  • We'll get him a twin bed with drawers on the bottom. Not sure if we'll get him a metal bed like Mica's or go with wood.

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Kim and Neil said...

LOVE the bedding! So cute!


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