Thursday, February 4, 2010


  • I'm excited my friend Sarah is having another girl, she has twins girls already! No Pee Pee TeePee's for her to use on a baby boy. LOL
  • I won Baby's First Phone Call $50 for her, so I handed it over. So exciting!
  • I had a student that had a baby boy this week. It's her first. I hope everything is going well for her. She kept asking me for advise, so I gave it to her when she asked. She's a good students, so I hope things work out for her. I'm really hoping that she'll be able to do what she wants and finish up her degree. It will be a challenge.
  • I have a blogging friend that just announced she's pregnant!
  • I love babies. I joke with Daddy that I'll have to get one of those dolls that looks like a real baby just because I love dolls and babies. I want one for myself. It's only fair that I get one since I didn't have a girl. "Savannah Claire" is what we would of named a girl. He said, "It would be kind of creepy having a doll laying in-between us". There wouldn't be. If I were to get one, the doll would sit in my doll cabinet, and would be handed down to grandchildren. I love the realistic ones from JC toys!
  • Funny thing is, if I got one I'd probably get a boy doll because Isaak does love his dolls. He loves trucks and balls too.
  • In my generation some boys got dolls. Two of my cousin's had boy Cabbage Patch Kids and then there was My Buddy too. Now you can't even find boy dolls in the stores.

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