Thursday, February 4, 2010

What to Do With Zeek's Hair?

  • Daddy cut the back of Isaak's hair two nights ago. He didn't cut the front. Daddy knows how to cut hair short, but doesn't know how to cut a longer style.
  • I don't like that in-between stage in growing a boy's hair out. With a girl you can just pin it back.
  • With Mica we've always kept his hair fairly short. He gets sweaty easily from playing, gets hat head and has cowlicks.
  • With Isaak I kind of want his hair longer. But it's hard getting it there. Do we just say the heck with it and cut it short, or just keep trying to grow it out? He's not a really messy kid that gets food in his hair often. His hair is really fine, baby hair still.
  • These are the hair cuts I like:
Yes I like Michael Jackson's son's hair! He still looks like a boy, but it's long. Yes hair might go in his eye's sometimes. it is cute. I can see Isaak with this hair style. Yes I like the bowl cut too. It wouldn't go in his eyes. It would need to be cut often, so that it wouldn't go in his eyes. But...I almost think his hair needs to be thicker for this cut to look good. we just cut it short because Daddy can do that? It would be more manageable short. Plus it's a free cut all the time. It's just not how Mommy wants it.

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Kim and Neil said...

I have been wondering what to do with Niko's hair too... he has "wings" right now. I like MJ's son's hair too!


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