Sunday, March 7, 2010

Toys R Us

  • We took the boys to Toys R Us last night to look for what the Easter Bunny should get for the boys and to get our nephew Elijah's birthday gift.
  • It was raining, so Mica insisted on wearing his fireman raincoat. Of course he had to add all the accessories. Isaak joined in on the fireman theme as well.
  • I had a talk with Mica about store behavior, and guess what? He was great in the store! We had a few moments of him saying, "I want that Mommy!" But backed down right after I reminded him of good store behavior. YES!
  • Our talk in the car went something like this:
  1. Mommy: Mica, Mommy really loves taking you and Isaak to the toy store! (Yes I talk in the 3rd person to my boys, a bad habit.)
  2. Mica: I like going to the toy store too!
  3. Mommy: Mommy doesn't like it when you have temper tantrums in the store. That makes it hard to enjoy myself, and other people do not like to hear you crying.
  4. Mica: But...sometimes I want Transformers and Team Geotrax!
  5. Mommy: Mica you know that you get a lot of toys for your birthday and Christmas. You are lucky to have all the toys you do!
  6. Mica: Yes.
  7. Mommy: If you can't behave in the store then Mommy will not take you there as much as I would like to. (Yes I talk in the 3rd and 1st person in the same sentence!) Mommy thinks it's fun to go to the toy store, but it's not fun when you cry!
  8. Mica: Ok Mommy I'll be good.
  • He was good! I let him know I was proud of him.


Felicia said...

This is such great news!! I'm so glad that the talk worked for him! I know it must feel like a weight lifted for store shopping.

An Apel a Day said...

I just hope he keeps it up! :)


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