Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's That You Say?

  • Isaak gets pushed around by his brother and cousins. It seems as though that might come to to a stop soon, maybe.  
  • He's this far been the sweet, quiet boy (most of the time).
  • My cute little toddler has now scored an attitude!
  • Mica was sitting on the couch watching TV. He asked Isaak, "Hey Isaak would you please hand me Buzz?" Buzz Lightyear that is.
  • Isaak said, "No Bica (Mica) I busy right now!"
  • He was busy filling a box full of small toys. Surprise, it's our two year old's newest hobby. If there's a container or bag he'll fill it with small toys!
  • That's not all this two year old has been saying!
  • He's been saying, "Mine. Not yours. You can't have it!"
  • I thought the word "Mine" was bad enough!
  • Just rub it in my face that it's not mine why don't you son!
  • We're getting quite the bad talker in our house lately!
  • If anybody has any tips on disciplining this two year old I'd love to hear what you have to say!
  • We correct what he's saying with alternative nice words.  We look into his deep "Soulful Eyes" as Grandma Apel calls them when we say the nice words.
  • We give him timeouts when he's doing something destructive like throwing, hitting, taking toys and biting. 
  • Should we use the timeout chair more? He might be living in it then. 
  • I believe in matching a punishment to the crime if possible. When Mica slammed his door one too many times, slammed it on Isaak's fingers, he lost the door to his room. Soap in the mouth for bad talking is not right! It's putting chemicals in your kids mouth. I know people used to do that, but I would never do that! Even if I did, I don't think a kid his age would make the connection.
  • Sometimes I question if two year old's understand much more then we think they do, or is it the opposite? Maybe they don't have enough reason to understand alternative nice words.

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