Monday, July 5, 2010

Daddy's Solo Art Show

  • Daddy's first solo art show was very eventful!
  • He had a lot of new pieces that he spent hours working on.
  • We made all the food. This took some time as well.
  • There are a few things we'd do differently, but we learn with everything we do. Like make more cake balls and bring a guest book for people to sign their names in.
  • He designs and fabricates mostly sculpture, some jewelry and painted one painting. The painting process was really cool; it was painted with recycled Styrofoam. He melted down meat trays with acetone. It turns into a tar like substance, and he finger paints with it.
  • If you want any custom made jewelry Travis is your man! You can email him at:, or make a comment on his blog.
  • He can design just about anything, and will show you preliminary drawings before he fabricates it.
Here Daddy is trying a necklace on Aunt Angela that he both designed and fabricated.
Daddy spent a lot of time mingling, which is good.
I'm not going to show you much of his art. You can go to his blog to look at some of his stuff. Google Friend him while you are there! I spent most of my time watching our kiddo's. I mingled to. Isaak eating a nack "snack."
Mica hiding under Grandma Apel's chair.
My nephew Ethan reading a book.

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Kim and Neil said...

We can't wait to see the show!!!


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