Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mica's First Friend Party

  • It was indeed a busy weekend! Mica has his first friend birthday party. We had 10 kids at our house including our own.
  • I didn't take too many photo's. I didn't know which kid's photo's could be put up on the web, and which one's couldn't. Plus I was busy!!!!!!! Two hours go by so fast!
  • Daddy made a HUGE spaceship out of cardboard for the kids to play in. It was hard finding a place that would give up a refrigerator box. Most places crush them right away, or early in the day. 
  • Mica rested in this spaceship today.

  • We had chicken quesadillas, green beans and clementines. 
  • The boy's gobbled up their food like it was going out of style, and the girl's picked at theirs like little bird's.
  • I made another robot cake.
  • The kid's liked it.

  • We had a Pinata too. 
  • The cute little girl's looked mean when pounding the Pinata. It was so funny!
  • Mica got some great gifts! 
  • I had a talk with Mica about saying, "Thank you" when you receive a gift. Then at another birthday party he went to, a little girl hugged everyone after she opened her gifts. I reminded Mica about that, and how good that made him feel. I told him that he didn't have to hug everyone if he didn't want to, but he for sure needed to say, "Thank you!" 
  • He hugged everyone. The girl's giggled, and the boy's hug ended in a wrestle.
  • For the kid's party bags I made rocket cookies.
  • There was also these fun wind up robots I found at Target for cheep!
  • I also gave the kids a Hello Hanna robot place mat to take home to decorate that I won from Go Graham Go.
  • My only wish is that I would of purchased more of the place mats. It took awhile to figure out how many kids were supposed to come. There was one too many. I just simply forgot to give the first to go a place mat. 
  • They are fun!

We had a good time, but I was tired when it was all over!

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Felicia said...

What an awesome birthday party!!! WE love Hello Hanna!


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