Saturday, August 28, 2010

Toliet Paper

  • It took awhile for Mica to learn to wipe himself. He's finally learned.
  • Isaak was on the pot doing his duty. I heard him say, "Mommy I done." I usually tell him I'm coming soon. He will sometimes go more. I heard him say, "Mommy I done" again.
  • I went to go get Isaak off the toilet. There was toilet paper stuck between his checks, and some in the toilet. 
  • He tried to wipe himself! I smiled and said, "You're a big boy! Wiping yourself already!"
  • Maybe Isaak isn't going to be hard to train with wiping like his big brother Mica was!
  • Isaak flushed and said, "I get sticker?" 
  • I've never given him a sticker for going potty. I just give him praise and high fives. That's always been enough.
  • Later on I talked to Aunt Terra, and told her about Isaak trying to wipe himself, and that he wanted a sticker. She's the one that gives him a sticker if he goes number 2. 

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