Saturday, September 4, 2010


  • We went to carnival last night. It was before the first football game at my old high school Westside, which is now cousin Kailey's high school.
  • Kailey looked so cute in her cheer leading outfit! I'm so proud of her! I just wish she was smiling in this photo. :) She was pretty busy! 
  • I was pretty busy with Isaak, who has a cold and Mica who wanted to go everywhere.
  • Kailey had to make the cheer leading squad to start one. The one she started was for special needs kids. Kailey one an award through a local station here in Omaha. She donated the money to buy uniforms and pompom's for The Sparklers.
  • Here's Mica at the carnival. He's watched Wipe Out a few times, so he knew what to do. We also did a balloon toss, where Mica was on my team and Isaak was on Daddy's team. 
    • Then we went into watch cousin Kailey cheer. 
    • She did good! All the girls were so excited. It was hard getting good shots though.
      • I really could of cared less about the football game. Sorry to the football player lovers out there! 
      • If you lived in Omaha, you'd understand how obsessed people are about The Corn Huskers! The news is taken over by football talk. I was excited to learn that Kailey was on the news last night!
      • You can read about Kailey and The Sparklers here

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