Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Sat

  • The kid's were babysat by their older cousin Kailey yesterday. 
  • I went out with my sister's and mom for Grandma's birthday
  • Isn't it funny how when a Mom becomes a Grandma they are called Grandma more then Mom? 
  • It's much easier taking mom out then to get her something. She enjoys a day with her girl's. We usually go out to lunch then shop around for a bit.
  • Mica was waiting at the window for Kailey to come for about an hour. He was so excited. I think I heard, "When is Kailey going to get here?" fifteen times at least. I told him that she would get here when the clock hands were on the 12. The clock hit 11 and he's like, "Mom it's 12!" I said, "No Mica both hands have to be on the 12. You have an hour to wait." 
  • I had a good time. I did buy an outfit. I told myself that if the pants fit that I was going to buy them. They were on sale, and a size smaller then I normally wear. 
  • I got home and Mica said, "Mommy I think Kailey forgot to feed us!" He is going through a growth spurt. The boy wants food all the time! I want to put a brick on his head.
  • Then Isaak woke up from his nap. The first thing he said was, "Mommy wears Kailey?"
  • I think the boy's love their cousin!

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