Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Day Before Halloween

  • I wanted to get a shot of the boys with the scarecrow Mica and Daddy put together. 
  • Uncle Tyson works at Oriental Trading Company. He gave us the foam pirate design that Mica put on the pumpkin's face. I have a few old students that work there to. Most of their stuff is crafty junk. They have a lot of stuff that is fun too. This kept Mica entertained for an evening.
  • Mica's wearing Isaak's Baby Legs on his arms. He was really excited to wear them. Then at the end of the day he ripped them off and told me they are for baby's. They are originally for baby's, but their website showcases them on their site with older kids wearing them on their arms.
  • The kids were very cute this morning. You can tell their cuteness in the photo's.
  • Then very crabby this afternoon. Both kid's wouldn't nap. Mica I understand. Isaak I wish would nap!

  • Read Isaak's shirt. Front says, "Peeka" and the back says "Boo." 
  • I was kind of mad at myself. I found this shirt stuffed away in his dresser. I thought it was for next year, but no it fits him perfect now. I found other shirts in the same pile. Boo is right!
  • This is what happens when you have a second kid, same sex. You forget what you have. At least I do!

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