Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

  • I actually like the photo's I took of the boy's yesterday better then the one's I took today. They were just so smiley yesterday.
  • Here is Buzz Lightyear Mica and Lil' Frankie Isaak.

  • Mica said to everyone, "Do you think my costume is cool?"
  • He also wanted to only go to houses that had decorations outside.

  • Isaak did not want to give up his treat bag. 
  • I kept trying to dump his bag out to make room for more and lighten the weight. 
  • He refused. 
  • This is what he looked like when I dumped it! Total tantrum! I unpacked the packer's bag! How dare I?

  • I heard Isaak cough while in the wagon.  I looked over at him and realized that Isaak was eating the candy out of his bag with the wrapper still on. 
  • First it was a Pixie Stick. Next it was a Tootsie Roll. 
  • Isaak was certainly much more of a candy junkie then Mica!
  • He kept trying to sneak candy out of the bag. He will eat it wrapper and all!


sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

~ Noelle said...

thats funny!
he did not want to wait!!!
cute costumes


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