Thursday, November 11, 2010


  • We had a family get together last Sunday
  • Cousin Elijah (2 years) comes running out with his grocery cart full of stuff. He's a packer just like Isaak. ;) He kept saying, "Babos Babos!" 
  • We were all like, "What?" We were chuckling because he was so serious. We couldn't understand what he was saying.
  • Aunt Terra followed him to see what babos were. 
  • Mica and cousin Evan were playing in the hallway with flashlights making shadows. There you have it babos are shadows
  • Totally comprehensible when you hear it in context. 
Elijah and Isaak are:
  1. Becoming better buds. They ask to play with each other. 
  2. Building their vocabularies more. It's so much fun hearing them talk.
  3. Like I said, both are packers. They stash random toys in things. I found a foam puzzle piece in my computer bag the other day. I was looking for that puzzle piece for a few weeks. ;)
  4. They still fight. Everything is, "Mine." I think that's pretty typical for 2 year old kids. Especially when they are second children. They have to fight for their rights.
  5. Elijah likes to hit Isaak in the head with a plastic baseball bat. It's happened twice now. Isaak goes to take the bat and wham in the head he gets hit. Writing this reminded me of this song: Isaak likes to throw things, and has clocked just about everyone with something. He's pretty careless. Did I mention that he put a fracture in Grandma Spiehs' fused ankle! Careless boy stepped on her ankle. OUCH! Back in the boot she goes! Sorry mom!

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