Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Should Bite My Tongue During Class!

  • I'm a college art teacher. Yesterday I was in lecture. I was talking about how getting your project the right size is so very important. They could seriously loose a job if it's the wrong size. Many students come in not knowing how to use a ruler at all. It makes me mad that they get through the school system not knowing how to measure. I slipped and said not even thinking about it, "Size does matter." All of the students started laughing at me. I broke down and laughed too.
  • When I first started teaching years ago {2002 I think} I got really irate that there was this group of students that seemed to never work on their artwork. They only seemed to work on their gossip skills. I yelled out, "Would you please stop jacking off!" Meaning, "Would you please stop goofing off!" They laughed and I tried to be serious. It took me awhile to process my own words that I just said.
  • I teach the student's next semester in Design and Layout about printing colors. Well there is RGB color mode and CMYK. There is also PMS colors used for spot colors. Whenever I get into explaining PMS colors nearly all the boy's are laughing when I talk. It's very hard to keep a straight face.
  • Another thing that I say a lot is, "Come get your prescription." Instead of, "Come get your subscription." I always mix up prescription with subscription. I'm not sure why because I know the differences between them. 
  • So there you have it, I should seriously bite my tongue in class. Really I can't do that because I have to talk two times three days a week for an hour each time. It's a good thing I don't stick my foot in my mouth too often. It's also great that they are college students.

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