Thursday, November 18, 2010


  • Mica's teachers helped him write letters to us. They were so cute. That boy has a great memory and can tell stories well. I love his imagination!
Daddies letter was so cute! Here are Mica's words:

Dear Dad,
I will love you very much. I love that you make GeoTrax trains and the tracks. I love that you cook hot dogs for me. I also like pizza. I like that you hang out with me. I had a dream about a dump truck and we all were in it. 


I got one to. Here's my letter: 

Dear Mom,
Once upon a time I went to a shopping area and we got some hot dogs and bread. Then we went home. We got some chocolate bunnies there and we ate them before bed.

Ya no Love, Mica on mine. LOL

For the record we don't have hot dogs often. Mica was asking for them about a week. I got angus hot dogs. They're a little healthier. 

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    Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

    I am sure if my daughter wrote us letters, they would be similar - all the love to daddy!


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