Monday, November 29, 2010

Memis Tree Turned to Cimis Tree

  • Isaak kept seeing Christmas tree's at Target and in ads. He kept saying, "Memis Tree Mommy"! I knew what he was talking about because he kept pointing when he said it. It sort of sounded like he was saying, "Ministry Mommy"!
  • Last night we put our tree up. I was a wondering how the boy's would be. Would they be touching everything? Would they break something? I have to say they were very good! 
  • Mica kept saying, "Mommy and Daddy Christmas is the most amazing holiday ever! Do you like Christmas"? Of course we do! Before the tree went up Mica wanted to add the star. When Mica found the holiday books and puzzles, he quickly turned to them. He was putting a book of puzzles together in no time!
  • Isaak kept trying to pull out ribbon and beads. He was in awe looking at the tree. Isaak grabbed random things to put under the tree. He started directing me on what to do next. Every time we'd add something to the tree he would say, "Yep". Soon the "Memis Tree" turned to "CimisTree". It now sounds like Isaak is saying, "Chemistry" instead of "Ministry".

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