Thursday, December 2, 2010

Light Weight Tike

  • One of my student's just brought her one year old in to see us. Luckily he doesn't have stranger anxiety, so I got to pick him up. 
  • Man he is light weight. He made Isaak and Mica seem like giants; when they are skinny mini's. 
  • I feel sorry for my student and her little boy. The Daddy pretty much walked out of their lives. :( I know it happens. I also know being a single parent can be done. I couldn't imagine being a single parent, or being raised without a Daddy! 
  • Hopefully he has one strong male role model in his life. I'm a firm believer that it really helps a child to develop if they have both a male and female influence in their life.
  • I have few students that I never knew had kids. 
  • I couldn't imagine going through life not talking about your kids and having someone else raise them. Heck I can't even go an 8 hour day without calling and checking on my kids. 
  • The only reason I know they have kids is because they had to claim that they had a child to make their education less expensive. 
  • To me that is sad.
  • Their parents are helping them by raising their child, but are they helping them? They are not able to bond with their kid like they should. What happens when they get out of school? Do the grandparents give up their grandchild? That just seems hard on all parties. 

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