Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

  • 6 AM rolled around, no boy's were awake. 7 AM rolled around, no boy's were awake. 7:45 AM they woke up. I was wondering if they would ever wake up! I was excited like a little kid!
  • We gave Mica his bedroom door back on Christmas Eve day. It was an early Christmas present. He lost it a long time ago because he kept slamming his door. After many warnings, it happened, he slammed Isaak's fingers in the door. Off his door went; off it stayed until now. He slept better then usual with his door mostly shut. I was making all kinds of noise in the kitchen, and Mica didn't budge. Usually it's like clockwork; the boy's wake up earlier then 7 AM. 
  • Santa left an easel, practical things in their stockings and wrapped gifts. Santa uses Santa paper. Paper with only Santa's on it.
  • We left carrot sugar cookies for Santa and his reindeer to enjoy. Reindeer's like carrots and Santa likes cookies. We merge the two.
    • Santa has done something for the past two years. Mica remembered! Santa left our wood stove open. He doesn't know how to shut it.
    • Silly Santa!

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