Sunday, December 5, 2010


  • Isaak woke up at 6 AM this morning. He's been crabby. He wants to play with what Mica's playing with. Then he destroys what Mica's playing with. 
  • I redirected him by having him help me with a few things, but that didn't last long. He went over and purposely kicked Mica's Little People Thanksgiving set up. He went to time out. 
  • After Isaak apologizes I cuddled with him for awhile because I know he's been sick. He decided to climb on my shoulders, and Mica climbed on top of Isaak. They got a warning, and both ended up in time out.
  • Isaak gets done with time out before Mica. He's walking down the hallway, and Mica purposefully trips Isaak. Isaak falls and bumps his knee. Isaak cries in my ear. Mica's time out is extended. 
  • After the apologies the boys sit down for something to eat. I give them the same thing. Isaak has a 10 min fit because he wants what Mica is having. 
  • They both go down for a nap early.
  • This is so out of character of these two. Either they are in new developmental stages that I'm not used to, or they are both under the weather/need sleep.  

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