Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Cheeseburger is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

  • We went to McDonald's yesterday for dinner. Something we don't do often.
  • I usually get a mix of all different things. 
  • Two boy's happy meals. One with apples and a cheeseburger. The other with fries and chicken nuggets. They get chocolate milk when we're out; it's not something they get at home. I get a salad. Daddy gets whatever he feels like.
  •  Then the boy's and I split everything.
  • Isaak in the past wouldn't eat any part of a cheeseburger. Last night he did.
  • He kept saying, "What a yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Then he'd take a massive bite!
  • I give the boy's their toy's at the end of their meal. They are starting to eat it all!
  • Someone messed up and gave one happy meal a girl toy. I told Daddy to take it back to get a boy toy.
  • Nope! The boy's wanted the My Little Pony. We kept it. They fought over it. ;) Kids!

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What I Did Today said...

Well of course they both wanted it! My Little Pony is the best! The PB&J Cheeseburger reminded me of when my dad first introduced olives to my little sister. He told her they were candy. She's been a black hole for olives ever since!


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