Thursday, January 13, 2011

Copyright Infringement

  • What happened to the days where you could just trust that art students did everything on their own?
  • Yesterday I was showing my past student examples of good work. There was one campaign for the new Spider-Man on Broadway. 
  • A student said to me afterward, "Hey Mrs. Apel look at this!" It was the same piece that someone turned into me for his whole campaign, on the internet! I was annoyed to say the least. He got a good grade for coping someone's work. 
  • I so wish I could take grades back! Ha you don't have your degree anymore because you don't deserve it!
  • Morally I just could not have done that in school. I took all my own photo's. In those days I had to walk, develop the photo's and walk again to pick them up.
  • I did do something just to slap it in his face. I posted on his facebook page the link to the work found. I said, "This looks familiar!" He made some silly comment back about sending into all kinds of competitions too. Then said he was being sarcastic by the way. But I do know it ended up in his portfolio!
  • The guy's girlfriend is pregnant. She had made a comment on his page saying something like, "Oh I get to handle wedding plans all day, while you get to lay around on your lazy butt." I so wanted to comment, but refrained. 
  • One of my co-workers said that I should say this to him, "Did you really get your girlfriend pregnant on your own, or did you have someone help you with that too!?!" I think I'll pass on that comment, but it is super funny! 
  • He knows that I know that he was a lazy, and that I'm not happy with that. I will never give him a good recommendation. 
  • This is happening more and more now! I'm not sure why, or how students can justify doing that! They are ok with it! It makes me mad, but it also makes me sorry for them. They spend a lot of money to go to school; they feel the need to copy their way through it. 
  • They have multiple lectures on copyright issues by the way. There is only one of me, and I don't have time to look up 40 x 3 projects on the internet every other week. Even if I did, the internet is HUGE. The possibilities of me finding what they copied is slim.

  • It's kind of like when you put a bucket of candy out on the porch for Halloween time because there is only one parent home to take the kids trick or treating. 
  • You have to trust each kid to take a few, and just know that one bad apple is going to come and take the whole bucket of candy for him/herself. 
  • That bad apple has to live knowing that he/she did the wrong. They will probably live their whole life being a cheat! Some parents support that. They train their kids to cheat through life.


sf said...

The only consolation you can get from a dishonest student is he/she is only hurting themselves. Apparently they don't have a creative enough mind to do the work on their own. Someday all of the cheating will catch up with them in their work.

Maggie said...

Hey Alissa! I wanted to tell you that I'm giving you the stylish blogger award check out my post

Grace Matthews said...

Yeah this is a hard pill to swallow. I would have never dreamed of it. One of my nephews friends were prevented from graduating with the class because she plagiarized...not worth it.

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