Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Night

  • We had a movie night at my house on Saturday. 
  • The adults watched Inception and the kids watched Despicable Me.
  • It was mostly a family event. 
  • The boy's are in Mica's room. I set up the portable DVD player. We would never let Mica have a TV in his room. 
  • We made popcorn, cut up carrots, cheese and crackers. Then a friend brought over movie theater candy and Oreo's. 
  • The only little boy that disturbed us some is Isaak, the Non-TV watcher. He came out of Mica's room and said, "Ok boy's I'll be back in just a minute!" So cute coming from a two year old.
  • Then he came out, and stood at the coffee table where all the food was at. He wanted an Oreo, but kept looking around at all the adults for approval. Grandpa said he looked just like me when he did that.
  • When the kids were done with their movie I gave them all a toothbrush. Cousin Elijah {the one with blond hair} came to give me his toothbrush. His mouth was all black because he ate an Oreo after he brushed his teeth. Not exactly the order I thought he should do that in.
  • They lined up to make bubbles in the toilet {pee}. By saying the bubble bit, Isaak then loves to go potty.
  • Then Mica went to bed in his bed, Isaak in his bed, Evan and Elijah in our bed. 
  • We finished our movie.

1 comment:

Dee said...

Very cute! Inception was a crazy movie!!


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