Thursday, January 20, 2011


This has been one week! 
  • The week started out with Mica getting two timeouts for punching at Aunt Terra's house. 
  • Once was when he was wrestling with his cousin Evan.
  • The other time was when his younger cousin Elijah took a toy out of his hand and spit on him. Elijah is only two, he does have a sharing problem and is learning to spit with brushing his teeth. 
  • The timeouts could have been disputed because Mica was just defending himself, but he doesn't need to punch in order to solve his problems! 

  • Mica got sick to his tummy at Aunt Terra's house. 
  • Terra is pregnant and has been sick with a cold that's been lasting for forever. I was and am hoping that no one in their house gets sick!  
  • Mica tossed his cookies at the end of being at her house on Monday. Luckily he made it to the toilet! Five years old must be the magic age for hitting the toilet.
  • We went home and cuddled. Mica said he was hungry, so I gave him soup and crackers. He managed to keep those down.

  • Mica acted fine on Tuesday morning.  
  • It was me that woke up with body aches all over and a sore throat.

  • Off to preschool Mica went. Usually he goes in without saying too much. That morning Mica walked into preschool and said, "Guess what? I threw up last night!" Daddy had to explain that he was fine. He did however seem like he had a slight cold that afternoon.
  • Mica learned all about Martin Luther King at preschool, and was fascinated. 
  • He wanted to color a picture of Martin Luther King, but Daddy couldn't find a brown crayon anywhere! We only have small boxes of crayons. We were joking how Crayola must be racist. The same with Band-Aid for making only peachy flesh colored Band-Aids. They colored him orange, then black on top. 
  • Mica told me on the phone, "Martin Luther King was a man that wanted to stop people from fighting!" Daddy had him listen to his speech on YouTube. Mica lost interest because it was so long and over his head.

  • I taught for two days in a row when my cold was the strongest. 
  • I hate talking when I know my voice is strained. 
  • I had to talk a lot because last week we had a snow day. Major catching up to do.

  • Tuesday night I went home and pretty much crashed on the couch. Both boy's were trying to cuddle with me. I wanted to cuddle with Mica since I knew he had been sick, but with Isaak...well I wanted him to leave us sickies alone. 
  •  I don't want Isaak getting what I have. Kind of unavoidable with a two year old. They want whatever their older sibling has. That includes Mommy and Daddy attention!
  • The boy's were bouncing all over me. I drifted into sleep and didn't even care. I slept through their bouncing around. 
  • I woke up to Mica digging his foot into my leg and Isaak getting off of me, only to get back on. 

  • Drink, drink, drink, pee, pee, pee, sleep, sleep, sleep is what I've been trying to do. 
  • Poor Daddy has had to do all the shoveling. I usually don't mind doing some of it. I like the exercise. But I can't be out in the cold getting worse. Daddy has Grandpa Tom's back issues.

  • I'm hoping we're all better soon. 
  • I want to go make my rounds to see the Great Grandparents. Great Grandma Kent moved into a home last weekend. Great Grandpa Kent isn't used to her being gone. I want us to go see them, but not if we're sick!


What I Did Today said...

Why don't they have other flesh colored bandaids? I've wondered that several times in my life. I loved reading about Mica's learning experience about MLK. Very cool. I hope y'all get better soon! No fun!

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