Monday, February 28, 2011

Mica Needs Quiet Time

  • Mica was a chatter box. He was always talking as soon as he was able to talk. It was talking or sound effects non stop!
  • Isaak was always the quiet one up until about a month ago. Now Isaak makes Mica seem quiet. 
  • We were in the car and Isaak was jabbering. He was saying, "Knock, knock Mica! KNOCK, KNOCK MICA!" They think that if they say it louder the person will answer. 
  • Mica finally speaks up, "Isaak I really need some quiet time. Could you just be quiet for a little while?" 
  • In my mind I was thinking "Mica wants it quiet? That's unusual!" 
  • Isaak's entered the non stop gibber jabber phase, and Mica moved out of it. It all happened about the same time.

1 comment:

What I Did Today said...

Good thing they did the shifting at the same time. It gets pretty crazy at my mom's house with four 4 year olds chattering LOUDLY all at the same time. Pass the Excedrin please.


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