Friday, March 4, 2011

Another One Sick!

  • Aunt Terra got a call from preschool that Mica was sick. 
  • He looked peachy this morning. At preschool he turned white and was asking for a bucket to throw up in. He never did throw up. I'm wondering if he felt sick with the drainage from his cold.
  • Terra got him. He slept. Daddy went to pick him up early. 
  • Lately everyone is sick! 
  • Mica, Isaak and I had a cold. Isaak had an ear infection. Mica got the tummy flew. 
  • With the external family there are pregnancy issues! 
  • Then I work with a guy that's been in the hospital with heart issues, and another employee that's been out for 3 days with a fever. 
I know it's not going to happen, but maybe if I ask nicely...can everyone pretty please get better?!?

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What I Did Today said...

I know, right? I just bumped into a friend at the grocery store whom I hadn't seen in forever because she and her daughter keep passing sickness back and forth to each other.


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