Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Isaak


You turned 3 today! Happy Birthday! I just can't believe it! Time is flying by! You're movin' up in the world!

I had to look up what your name meant. I couldn't remember.  
Isaak \i-saak\ as a boy's name is a variant of Isaac (Hebrew), and the meaning of Isaak is "laughter". You do have a great laugh! I came up with the spelling of your name from the singer Chris Isaak. We call you "Zeek" much of the time. When we ask you what your name is, you usually say, "I Isaak Jaxon Apel."

You are growing like a weed. All of Mica's clothes get handed directly to you. I end up buying you a few things to fit your personality.

You have a soft sensitive side. You love babies, puppies and anything cute! Little birdies are in a nest outside your bedroom window; you enjoy watching them. You giggle, smile and say, "Oh their so cute!" You love helping me in the kitchen. You get giddy when I ask for your help to make juice or use the mixer to make something.

You also have a punk side. We get after you for throwing all the time. Sometimes we leave the room, and you cause problems.

The things you like playing with right now: Hot Wheels, Play-doh, Duplo's, Team GeoTrax, drawing on the easel, throwing balls and of course you carry around your brown Ty puppy all over the house. Recently you've started getting into wanting to watch TV. We can now catch a movie in the theater. Before you would have never held still.

You are both independent and dependent. If someone starts to do something for you, and you want to do it yourself and you get mad. Then there are other times you want to have me pick you up and baby you.

You are both my baby and my big boy!

I love you very much,



Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome little man!

What I Did Today said...

So sweet. I love these little mini-bios. It's fun to get to know these little guys that I see so many sweet pics of. Hope his birthday was a blast!


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