Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mail Thief

My sister just had a new baby boy on Thursday! Well I've blogged about that already. Today I called to check on her and the baby and found out that their mail was tampered with!

They just put their mail out. A neighbor saw someone messing with their box. I'm not sure if the neighbor called 911, or my sister. They were called, and it was reported.

Now my brother-in-law had to go to the bank to cancel their account. They had to call the 2 places checks were wrote out to to make sure their accounts weren't messed with!

I know it's a no, no to put mail out in your box now a days, but they are pretty home bound with a sick baby and two other kiddo's.

It just makes me disappointed that people would do such a thing! I've had one bill get lost in the mail. Then I've gotten the wrong mail lots of times! I had to write a note to Mr. Mailman because I kept getting the wrong mail. It still was happening, so I made a complaint at the post office. If I was getting the wrong mail, someone could have been getting my mail by accident too! It hasn't happened in a good while!

Try to mail things off at the actual post office, or in a main mail box. A lot of grocery stores have a post office within the grocery store, which is nice! I also mail stuff out through work a lot. I know the mailman comes to pick it up personally. No one's going to mess with it here. I work with a very small company.

Try to do bills online if you can. Some people feel uncomfortable with that. Now a days that might be a safer route. Sites have securities set up. In fact there's been times where I couldn't get into a site because I forgot the password. That's a good thing, but it's hard for me to remember all the passwords. Then they recommend that you change your passwords every so often and have different ones for different accounts. So confusing for me!

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