Friday, July 1, 2011

Emerging Artists

Tonight we went to an art opening. We went early because I made chocolate and lemon cakesters and chocolate cake balls.

The boy's were so good! Isaak looked snazzy with his tie on and Mica had on his cool black hat. They both got many compliments. Mica assisted one of the gallery members with getting the food, napkins and cups out. I kept asking if he was in her way? She kept saying that he was in fact helping. I was smart this time and brought a portable DVD player for when they got sick of walking around. They just sat there all nice, ate and watched The Little Engine That Could. It wasn't until the very end that they were ready to leave.
Daddy's the one with dark brown hair.
Daddy constructed the show. There were many artists that submitted work to a program called Emerging Artists. Six were picked. The six artists get a chance to show their work. The audience gets to vote on which one is their favorite. The winner gets to show in their gallery for free, for a duration of time - not sure how long. Daddy helped get the word out with fliers and such, went through their artwork, picked the 6 winners with a small panel of gallery members and helped set their work up. A lot of work was put into this! I'm proud of him for all the time and energy he put into this with successful results. It was really hard to vote! I liked a lot of the artist's work! I made the poster below in one night for him. It was to hang over the ballet box. 

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What I Did Today said...

What a great idea! So glad that everything went well and that the boys lasted for the whole event. Your poster looks great!


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