Thursday, September 15, 2011


Mica wrote this on his chalkboard yesterday. Daddy helps him think of his sentence. Then he helps him sound out the words. He wanted to only put one "l" in "will." Mica then reads it off and on. Daddy said that he can tell Mica's trying to pick apart the words he wrote. His wheels are spinning. He's getting something out of the words he wrote.

Writing and putting together his Lego sets are Mica's newest loves right now. It's funny how kids go through stages. In the spring and early summer Mica loved to draw. He went through paper like crazy. I'm sure he killed a tree. Before that was puzzles. He was a master puzzle putter together. I know "putter together" probably isn't the best of English.

*Side Note: Our language is horrible! Just saying! Teaching Mica how to spell reminds me of how bad our language is. Think about the word, "Wind." It's used for two entirely different things. "The wind blows." "Wind your clock back an hour." There are many spellings of the word, "There, their and they're" depending on how you use it. Tons of silent letters. Then letters we don't use often {q, z, x}. Why do women go by Miss, Mrs and Ms; when men only go by Mr? So lame. Really if I want someone to know if I'm married, I can just tell them. Then Daddy told me I mix up "Then" and "Than" on my blog all the time. Sorry! He tells me how to use them and I just forget.

I hated learning Spanish in school. I figured I had enough problems with our difficult language. How in the world could I learn a new one? If it were my choice, I think hearing people speak French is the most beautiful. That language will never rule though. The rulers seem to be Spanish, English and Chinese.

*Side Note 2: A cold front came through. That's why Mica wrote what he wrote. Isaak was crying because he was so cold this morning. I said, "It's only going to get colder dear!" :(


Working Mommy said...

At least you know he won't get cold!


Eat To Live said...

Mica has very neat printing. He must take his time.

Diane said...

So handsome and he looks like a future teacher there!!! :O)


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