Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open House

We had an open house at Mica's school this evening. I felt kind of sorry for Mica's teacher. She has a head cold. She had to be there all day, then all evening. She was a trooper. She greeted us very cheerful.

I know what it's like being a teacher. I have to stay late for certain events even at college level.

Mica was super excited to show us around! Just listening to him show us things made me realize that he's learned new things already.
  • He rattled off the seasons and months in correct order. He's heard both these things before, but would mess up the order every time before. 
  • He's starting to be able to count by 5's. Then he counts normally higher.
  • He now knows the difference between his coins. 
  • Starting to be able to tell time.
  • Learning how to use a computer. I've never let him just play with my laptop.

He told me that his teacher lets them use the point stick as long as they used it for pointing. Mica pointed at all kinds of things. He loves to play with Kenects, which we don't have any at home.

Mica also introduced us to all kinds of people and the class bird, which Isaak thought was, "Cute!"

Mica's wanted to wear this sweater for two days. I told him to put it in his locker for when he gets cold at school. He's warn it home both days. Daddy asked Mica why he likes his sweater so much? Mica said, "Because I look like a Daddy when I wear it." He's so funny!


What I Did Today said...

Gotta love those trooper teachers! I love Mica's sweater! If I had a boy, I'd ask you where you got it and then go get one in every color!

Anonymous said...

i never liked my teachers for one thing. they always complained to my folks how notorious i am :(

how do teachers handle a notorious kid in usa?

mica though sounds like a fun, harmless kido...

Eat To Live said...

How adoreable Mica is. You had better get a hold of that pointing stick and keep it handy. You are going to need it for beating off all the young girls who will be following Mica around.

~ Noelle said...

i love how he is wearing the sweater... and your previous post is the "I will wear a jacket!"
LOL too funny
so glad school is going great

Becky Jane said...

Such a smart kid! I think good teachers get extra brownie points...

Working Mommy said...

how cute! looks like you've got a budding teacher on your hands!


Love{&}Bugs said...

so adorable!


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