Monday, December 12, 2011

Politically Correct? Holiday Madness!

I have two students that can't take their exams at the time I'm giving it. This truly messes me up. I normally wouldn't give the ok. One of my really reliable/good students told me clear back before midterm break that they wouldn't be here on Friday for the final day and the other has a funeral to go to. :(

Thursday night we have Isaak's Preschool Holiday Program.

Friday I'm double booked. Mica's school has his Holiday Program smack dab in the middle of the day. I think they do this because parents weren't showing up at night. Their kids than didn't partake in something that their kid(s) practiced for. Well I teach class that day. We have a final exam! I was freaking out trying to decide what to do? My Kindergartener has been talking about standing on bleachers in the gym for weeks now. Luckily they offer the program at two times. I'm going to the 10:30 time. It's a school rule at my work to give the exam at 1. I certainly couldn't show up at his school during the 1:30 performance! I talked with a lady that can replace me in the morning. Then Daddy has to take off work to.

Both schools were asking for baked goods at these performances. I was working off and on all day Saturday on Pre-bitten Gingerbread Men People. Do you know that it is no longer ok to call them Gingerbread Men? It's supposedly sexist. Lame if you ask me!

They turned out so stinking cute!!! I gave them mittens, buttons, socks and a face (on the ones that required these parts). I'll post a picture sometime this week. Aunt Terra gave me this set a few years ago. I've made them before, but never put in as much work as I did this year on them. I thought they were hilarious! I looked at my cute master piece cookies and thought, "These will never go over with some conservative Christians at Isaak's preschool!" Yep some of them wouldn't find my artsy humor, humorous. At 10 pm I moved on to my chocolate rolled out angels, stars and trees. The angels have a pearl sprinkle for a halo, the stars have a yellow m&m in the middle and the trees have a yellow m&m on the top. I know angels aren't all brown, but they will have to do. I'll have to throw in some sugar cookie angels to be politically correct. That is if I have any left. I took some to Grandma and Grandpa Apels for Thanksgiving/Christmas time. Gee wiz - do I over think this kind of stuff?

I felt odd about writing Merry Christmas on my holiday card. I work with a lady that is Jewish. I told her that I will give her a card and cross that part out for her. She was ok with it.

This day and age everything is way over thought. I wish we could just let our personalities shine.


Eat To Live said...

I still call them gingerbread MEN!! I don't know what it is with these people. Its like they always want to find something to fight about. GEEZE!! They need to get a life.

People don't want us saying Merry Christmas any longer. They want Happy Holidays. It is and will always be to me, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Im the same way, its gingerbread men and merry christmas here too! :)

Priyanka said...

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