Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portable Santa

I have to say that we've had fun with Portable Santa this week!

Click on the photo to see Isaak's video message from Santa.

I love it because you can include:
  • Your child's name
  • Your child's sex
  • How old your child is
  • Where they are from
  • If they've been naughty or nice
  • What they want for Christmas
  • 3 photos in Santa's book
  • Something that Santa wants them to work on
  • They can be sent to adults and children
  • Can be sent over facebook, twitter, emailed, but can't been embedded for blogging
  • It's free, unless you want to buy the video
Click on the photo to see Mica's video message from Santa.

What my boy's have to work on:
  • Mica: Not interrupting people when they are talking
  • Isaak: Not throwing those silly little tantrums
  • Daddy: Needs to try and be more cheering during the holiday season
You should have seen the boy's eyes get real big when they watched their videos from Santa! Now when Isaak gets grumpy and defiant, Mica reminds Isaak, "Santa said not to throw tantrums!" Isaak stops and thinks. I told him, "Isaak Santa is watching." ;) When Mica interrupts, we remind him about what Santa told him. Zip goes his mouth. I sent one to Daddy just for fun. I heard a good chuckle come out of him!

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Eat To Live said...

Those are so cute. What will they come up with next.


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