Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disguised Cookies

I had left over Christmas cookies. They sit downstairs in the deep freezer. Mica gets 2 little ones or 1 medium sized one in his lunch. He's told to eat all his other things first.

Mica told me last night, "Mommy everyone at my table wants my cookies! I'm kind of sick of them wanting my cookies." Instead of him saying that he wanted me to stop putting cookies in his lunch he said, "Maybe you can disguise my cookies to look like one of my other foods. No one would want them then."

I thought this was pretty funny and creative for a 6 year old. That is until I told Daddy about Mica saying this. Daddy said, "Did he tell you to disguise them to look like his other foods?" I'm like, "Ya." He said, "That was my idea. I told him to tell you that."

I have two boys trying to play me.


Eat To Live said...

LOL..... That is a good one Mica!!

I do remember in grade school kids wanting my lunch sometimes and they would be relentless.

Anonymous said...

:D Mica has a sense of humor and so does the father :)

Mary said...

this reminds me of these anti-theft sammich bags:


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