Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm excited to say that Isaak has been dry at night for a week. When he has a growth spurt he does have accidents more often. He drinks and eats way more; that liquid has to come out somehow.

I do have to say potty training and bedtime sleeping was always easier with Mica. Mica trained easily. Isaak is a little lazy with going potty. He knows how, he just doesn't care if he's wet.

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Mica had no excuses at bedtime. We just said, "Mica it's time to go to sleep." That was it. Off to dreamy land he went. Isaak tries to use excuses. Even with the excuses we have it pretty easy with him. I hear horror stories from some parents and have watched some pretty disturbing Super Nanny episodes; where kids would not go to sleep. Isaak's most crazy excuses were, "Mommy my foot itches!" Oh and I heard, "Mommy my butt itches!" Pretty funny and crazy.

Each kid is different. Isaak's way easier with toys and entertaining himself than Mica every has been. One kid will be a breeze with one thing, while the other is a breeze with something else.

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Eat To Live said...

My step daughter has a little boy who is so easy most of the time. They are thinking of having another and I am thinking the next one might not be so easy.

Good luck with the potty training.


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