Monday, January 23, 2012


The animated boy seen in the post below has the tummy flu. It managed to skip him over Christmas and now he has it. His teacher said that 3 other kids were out of class. Mica looked white as a sheet when Daddy picked him up. I told Mica, "Honey if you don't feel well, you need to let your teacher know! Then Daddy or Mommy will come pick you up." I think he was ashamed, or something. Now he's probably passed it along to more kids there.

He came home, was sick right away and than acted just fine. Now he's sick again.

How do some kids turn it off and on again? I remember being sick like that and it was like I was tied to the couch. My kids bounce around like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. Then I never know if they are better or not. They totally fake me out.

Mica missed swim lessons tonight and we've already decided that he's not going to school tomorrow. I think when I was little the policy was, you get up, eat breakfast and see how you feel. Well if Mica bounces around in the middle of being sick, how do I know if he's really sick or not? He's staying home. At least in the morning.

I feel really bad because on Saturday Mica was walking all hunched over. I was freaking out thinking that he had appendix issues. I press on his lower left side and he said, "Ouch." Then he got up and started walking normal and said, "I'm fine now." He was fine the rest of the weekend. Maybe that was just the start of this.

For the record, I think I've dealt with and been around enough stomach flu this winter. Thanksgiving they were sick, Christmas Isaak was sick, then I got sick 1 day after and now this. I'm hoping no one else gets it!


Eat To Live said...

I wonder why they are getting sick. You feed them so healthy that you think they would fight it.

Becky Jane said...

This crazy, not normal winter weather has a lot more people getting sick around here!

~ Noelle said...

hate when kids are sick..hope all is back to normal in your house...


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