Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I'm Returning Some Things!

When we had Mica's conferences I met the boys up at Mica's school. Well I didn't know they walked. I had stuff I bought from the Easter Bunny in the vehicle {not hidden well at all}. After conferences Daddy said, "Ok get in the Pilot." Mica saw everything. Today I'm returning it all.

No "Loop de loop" otherwise known as a Hula Hoop for Isaak. No Dove chocolate bunny's boys.

Instead Daddy picked up two $25 ukulele's. Isaak's been asking for a violin. Mica thinks he knows how to play the guitar.

They both think they are Kung Fu Masters as well. For some reason watching Ku Fu Panda, makes them proficient in Kung Fu.

We talked to two people that teach ukulele lessons and asked what to get them? They mentioned the ones Daddy got {which were on the cheaper end}. They are tunable.

I got Melissa and Doug garden tools for blogging around Christmas time. They are the line below. Imagine a few more tools.

Gee, can you tell I'm a toy hoarder?  I pull them out for random occasions as presents. I usually don't hand over my blog winnings or earnings. I stash them away for special times.

I'm only getting the boys a little candy this year. The rest will be Annie's Bunny crackers. They have different flavors. The different flavors will go in different colored plastic eggs. We'll still have a scavenger hunt. The Easter Bunny hides in one special egg a clue for the next spot to find many eggs. They have to think to find them. The boys dig that! An example of a clue is: "Rub a dub dub 5 eggs are hiding in the ____." This hunt usually happens the night before. I have trouble thinking ahead. I get confused as to what eggs go where. It's better to be creative and spontaneous the night before. I might even make a few nests that look like this for the final prize.


Eat To Live said...

I bet they will be surprised when they see they aren't getting what they seen in the car. LOL.... it is so hard to hide things.

When my daughter was young, I wrapped all the presents and hid them in the closet. She opened them and wrapped them all back up. I had no idea until she was older and told me. BRAT!!

~ Noelle said...

i used to love scavenger hunts like that


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