Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day Out With Mom

Today I was bound and determined to stay out of the house. Yesterday I was cooped up in the house all day. Balance is good, right? Not only that, but Daddy sort of kicked us out. He worked LATE last night and LATE tonight just so he could cast some sculptures today.

I took the boys to an unfamilar park. They ran and ran. Each one pretended they were the Gingerbread Man.

Then we went shopping. Trying to get boys to try on clothes is interesting. Especially when it's trying clothes behind a small curtain, like in Gymboree. For some reason they wouldn't stop laughing and dancing mostly in the buff behind the curtain.

I wanted to get their pictures taken at Picture People, but I called and cancelled. Mica has a front tooth that is so loose, it looks like a wooden peg hanging out of this mouth. Isaak has a cold sore or something similar below his bottom lip in the corner. I was sick yesterday, so I wasn't in the mood for picking out what they were going to wear. Another day, another time for pictures.

We ate lunch at Wendy's.

We went over to Aunt Terra's house to A) Deliver Emerson his new sunglasses! I did a review of Baby BanZ here.

B) The boys wanted to play with 2 of their other cousin's Elijah and Evan. So they did for a good while.

Then we went to a cheaper movie Hugo. Both boys got into it, but it was way too long for them. It was also way over Isaak's head. He kept asking me questions all the way through it. They must of liked it though. They wouldn't stop talking about it at dinner. They were both trying to tell Daddy what the movie was about; it was funny. Isaak was all over the place with his explanation of the movie. They were over talking one another. Then Isaak would get mad because Mica wouldn't let him talk.

I wore the boys out. They were in bed by 7:30.


Eat To Live said...

Wearing the boys out was a good thing. You probably slept good too. Fresh air and sunshine along with exercise can do us all some good

Liz Mays said...

I haven't seen Hugo yet, but I thought it was fantasy. Apparently not.

Emerson looks adorable!

~ Noelle said...

Hugo was a great movie! Marc and I loved it... yes, it was too "mature" for Broxton .. but it was great :)
Emerson is precious in his picture :)


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