Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do Your Kids Fight?

I think the answer is, "YES!" for most families.

Yesterday Mica came running down the lawn and said, "Isaak hit me!"

Daddy goes up the hill to see what the deal is.

Isaak said, "Mica was laying on me and wouldn't get off!"

Daddy said, "Is this true Mica?"

Mica said, "Well I didn't have a blanket to lay on, so I laid down on Isaak." As if it justifies him laying on his brother!

Then they both had to come indoors.

We've caught Isaak spitting on Mica twice. Why? Because Mica's doing something first. UGGG!!! That's not something that is sanitary!!! I got on Isaak big time about that!

Oh and has a habit of picking his nose and you maybe guessed it, eating what he picks out! YUCK!!! We had a major talk with him about that one. He said, "But they taste really good. Daddy said, "I don't care if they taste like chocolate chip cookies! You don't eat anything that comes out of your body. Your body is trying to get rid of it because it's yucky. Lets hope that talk helped!

I've heard of people tying their kids together to do dishes; just to learn to get along. If they were old enough I swear I would.


~ Noelle said...

my stepsons fight like you would not believe ;)

Veronica Lee said...

Not physical fights but their incessant shouting matches make me wanna wring their necks!

Petula said...

Hmmm... tying them together? Don't give me any ideas! LOL


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