Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Destination was Nearly a Fail

On our trip to Chicago we had fun. The morning before leaving Daddy said, "I can't find our tickets to go back home!" I'm thinking in my head, "What you can't find our tickets! We kind of need those don't you think?"  Instead I said, "Well call the train station and ask if we can still get on the train." He did just that.

He came inside and said, "Well they said they can't do that. We have to buy new tickets if we can't find them." He was trying to search my purse, which I recently cleaned out. I was trying to tell him to call places to see if our tickets were there, which he knew our tickets were not at. We were making each other annoyed, pissed off and I was beginning to panic.

The guy we were staying with told me, "Alissa if I did this my wife would kill me. You are being great." I said, "Sam he thinks it's my fault for telling him to put the tickets in his book." More was said, but you get the drift.

All the while, the kids were watching cartoons! Thank you, cable! Watching cable was part of our vacay to. We don't have cable at home. The boys were glued to the TV.

I continued to pack and make breakfast. Daddy looked for the tickets.

It finally dawned on me that they might have a lost and found section at the train station. I told Daddy to call and ask.

Sure enough our tickets were turned in. A big sigh of relief fell over the house! We both apologized.

Daddy and Sam ran the kids to the park to burn off energy, while I finished packing.

Off to the station we went. It was much bigger and busy in Chicago then Omaha, Nebraska!

When Daddy asked about our lost tickets, the man behind the counter said, "It's your very lucky day sir!" Out popped the tickets.

Once I saw them I was like, "I remember seeing that! It was on the back of my final seat." Sometimes traveling with kids, we have to play musical chairs without the music. Then I said, "I thought for sure that was a brochure for a movie and nothing more." Nope the tickets were tucked away inside Tintin in 3D. Daddy never showed me the tickets, so I didn't know they were stashed away inside a movie ad.

Off we went to sit and wait for our train to come. It's always interesting watching all the different people that travel. In my mind I set stories about why and where they are traveling.

We were supposed to sit on the lower level. No seats! Up we went. We were split up. A very nice gentleman made it so we could sit together. We sat with a group of high school kids. I felt like I was teaching, only I couldn't say a word. They were worse then our kids with how they bounced around, had little regard for anyone else, but themselves. They were even on a mission trip. Hummm! It's the age. 

Isaak fell fast asleep.

The night prior Daddy and I argued about me getting Subway to take with for the train. Daddy thinks eating a few hour old cold sandwich is gross. Maybe it is. *He went hungry by choice, while the kids and I devoured our wonderful sandwich. 

I say if that's all we argued about for nearly a week, that's pretty darn good. It wasn't like we tore each others head's off. 


Eat To Live said...

Thank goodness you found those tickets. Men!! They can be such a PITA.

Unknown said...

Way to keep your cool! Nice to know there are some honest people in the world who would turn them in!


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