Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Busy/Fun Weekend

We had four adults and 1 child stay with us this weekend. Then on Saturday evening and night we had about 20 adults and 8 kids over (including us). Then cousins Evan and Elijah spent the night Saturday night along with our other company. I was so busy hosting, I didn't get enough pictures.

It started with cleaning, lots of cleaning before everyone came and after everyone left. This is what it's like when I clean:

That is my bed that I was trying to make. What are those two lumps? Mica and Isaak of course! I sort of did what most people do in the spring. I spring cleaned in the summer. At the party you would have never guessed I cleaned at all with the toys, people, food, you get the picture. Isaak and Mica make it hard for me to clean. I cleaned the coffee table about 6 times last week. Isaak's back into Play-Doh. It gets all over the place. Mica's into Legos and they get all over the house as well.

Daddy had our party planned way in advance. He wanted to have people over instead of get presents for his birthday this year. A few college friends have been wanting to come up to see us since the spring. Last year they couldn't come up because of the floods. A party was planned.

The boys were sort of double booked on Saturday. I didn't really mean for that to happen. A week and a half ago swimming lessons were over. We had to sign up for new ones and all they had available was a Saturday class starting on this last Saturday. I know it takes Isaak at least one lesson to warm up to a new coach. We decided Daddy would hang out with the company, while I took the boys to swimming lessons. Sure enough Isaak cried for, "Mommy!" the whole time! I was so annoyed with that! His old coach even stood there with him. I don't know why in the heck he was being so moody! After lessons I had a serious talk with him. With some kids it works to just give them time. With Isaak I just had to say, "Listen kid you need to stop crying and calling for me! Your coach is nice. I'm right there in the room. Listen to your coach and participate in your swimming lessons." He seemed to understand. Mica on the other hand was perfectly fine.

Then Mica was invited to a birthday party from 2-5. The child, Niko that was staying with us had no one to play with when he got back. Isaak had fallen asleep for a nap.

Daddy set up the Slip N Slides, and grilled. I cut up veggies and got all the stuff out for the party. We had a lot of food: Watermelon, another fruit tray, raw veggies, chips galore, dip, potato salad, a quinoa couscous salad, baked beans, burgers, brats, chocolate cherry chip cookies, zucchini brownies, root beer, beer, water, wine, lemonade and more I'm sure.

My friend Mark brought us lovely flowers and one of Daddy's artist friends brought him a pen she made out of wood. 

Our old Slip N Slide that we've had for 2 years is toast. It most certainly got played with though! They slipped on it anyhow and we added 2 more. 

We had wonderful conversation. I just felt torn between the inside of the house and the outside. Some of the outside people didn't know anyone else. Plus I was taking care of dishes, getting more of this or that mainly for the kids.

When people started to leave Daddy set up two tents in our backyard for our boys and cousin's Evan and Elijah to sleep in. They were excited! I opted to sleep indoors.

On Sunday the boys wrestled pillow in the tummy style:

Our company got attacked to! When Mica first saw Mark he said, "Hey that's the guy that likes to wrestle with me!" Then Mica laid down and said, "Niko can you rub my head?" Niko did happily. Silly kids!

I gave our guests many boxes of baby clothes! Niko will have a baby brother at the end of August, early September! I'm so glad to have some of my basement back!

They took us out for a lovely lunch. Mica scarfed down his food and 1/2 of Isaak's!

Then we went to the Lowes Clinic. I signed our guest Niko up for it. He had never been there. They made stacking Kung Fu Panda toys.
The boys with one of the stacking friends.

That was our weekend. Lots to do, but also fun.

Our company left. We went home, I ironed on their new patches from the Lowes Clinic, we cleaned, went to recycle glass and the boys took a nap from 4-6. I tried waking them up at 5:15, and they rolled back over to sleep longer. They were bushed!


Kim and Neil said...

We had so much fun - thanks again! :)

~ Noelle said...

looks like an awesome time.. and how nice to give them some baby clothes... that is one thing, IF we ever have a baby ... i am really wanting a girl.. but we have no one to get clothes from, so we will be doing lots of shopping... big IF.. but still..
i still need to take broxton to the lowes clinic sometimes, he would love it, i am sure


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