Friday, August 3, 2012

School Starts For Me Next Week

I may be a little, or a lot busy next week. School starts. I'm a college art instructor for those that don't know. What I'm hoping for: I hope students get financial aid that need it, and students get our art supply package. Those two things are the biggest needs. After those two things fall in place, then everything else will work out.

I'm confident that anyone who is not good with hands on art, can and will be taught. Sure they may not get A's, but if they try, they will learn. It's amazing to see some of the students really grow. A lot of them do.

Financial aid is getting harder to get these days. Too many people in the past were not good about paying off their loans. They've really tightened up on who gets access to loans. Many wait to the last minute. If their parent's credit is bad, they are denied loans until they get a different co-signer.

Every year I run into a handful of students that have no supplies, and can't afford to get supplies. In my opinion it's pretty important to have means to get these things to do the projects. I try and help when I can. I have a stash of supplies people have left behind to lend to people who come with nothing. I don't just hand this stuff over for good. I might run into another student that needs help at a later date. I can't imagine going to school and not being prepared for it. I have mixed feelings about lending stuff out. Does it show favoritism? Is it just me being a do gooder to people that really need it? The only reason I bring this up is because we've been talked to time and time again about not showing favoritism. It can be such a sticky subject in a teaching atmosphere.

Mica starts first grade in the middle of August. Isaak starts preschool at the beginning of September. I'm taking both boys to get school supplies this weekend. Isaak barely needs anything, but I'll let him pick somethings out. I want him to feel excited about school as well.


~ Noelle said...

i say help when you can... it isnt favortism, but some might see it that way! ...
broxton had like 4 things on his list... but again, i hear the list gets longer and longer the older they get...

Eat To Live said...

I don't feel helping someone out shows favoritisim, but then maybe the person that had to scrimp and save just to get supplies would feel that you should of helped them too. You are sure between a rock and a hard place aren't you?


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