Sunday, July 22, 2012

Princess Birthday Party

Mica's invited to his first friend birthday party. Of course it has to be when we have company coming over. That's ok. It's only a few houses down.

The little girl's birthday invitations looked something like this:

Not the same, but similar.

Mica was all excited to get this in the mail. He went on and on as to what to get this girl. I remembered I won a pink umbrella awhile back just for this purpose; to give to a little girl who invited Mica to a party. I told Mica and he said, "Well maybe we should get her a princess since it's a princess party." I said, "There is a princes on the umbrella." He was satisfied.

Then he said, "Mom since it's a princess party, I should probably find a way to dress like a prince!" I said, "Mica it says right on the invite to bring your swimming suit. I really doubt people are going to go dressed up like princes and princesses." He said, "Ya but I really want to look nice for her party."

I told him to call to RSVP. He did. The conversation went like this, "Well hello! My name is Mica Apel and I'm calling to tell Bailey I'm coming to her princess party." The person that answered must not of lived there. He handed the phone off to Bailey. Mica had to repeat his verbiage. Bailey said, "It's not really a princess party Mica." I think Mica was a little sad about that.

Then we went to Target and he spent 10 minutes looking at cards trying to find the perfect princess card for his friend.


Anonymous said...

Awww. I don't do many themed parties but the one year everyone was looking for Yo Gabba Gabba since that is what was the on the invites. I think the little ones were a litte upset!

Liz Mays said...

He's too cute in his princess excitement!

Eat To Live said...

That is so cute that he took so much time deciding on the right card. A sweet boy you have there.

~ Noelle said...

awe, well at least he was excited about it... hope he has/had a blast at it!


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