Monday, July 23, 2012

Tragedy Strikes

This weekend was an interesting one indeed.

My mom (Grandma Spiehs) had surgery on her toes. She's doing good. On Saturday I took them Chicken and Dumplings, green beans and fruit. On Sunday my older sister (Aunt Angela) took them a meal. She's hobbling around in a boot. Wires hang out of her toes. I didn't get to see them. I only saw them in the x-ray. The wires will get removed. One pin stays.

My younger sister (Aunt Terra) took her family to a Trisomy 18 conference. She had the chance to meet other families with kids that suffer from Trisomy 13 and 18. She said it was sad, informative, fun to see families from all over. One family came from Sweden, one from Canada and a lot from the US. She talked a lot with a lady that is also an RN and has a daughter the same age as Emerson.

I was in the lobby at a Honda shop waiting for our Pilot's recall to be fixed on Friday morning. I was hoping they would get done while we went out to breakfast; no such luck. The low beam lights could go out at any time. All the sudden I hear on the TV about the shooting in Aura, Colorado. I knew that because they were talking about Batman Mica's ears would perk up. I put them on the empty computer to play on the the PBS website. I have no problem talking to the boys about tragedy. If at all possible I'd like to wait until they are in upper elementary to explain that stuff to them. How do you feel about that? Any advice? I think if something happens here or within our family it's unavoidable; I have to talk to them. It's important to communicate as a family. I just don't want to push that violence is a reality to them so soon.

At home on Saturday morning I got a call from the local police department. A 10 year old boy was missing that lived a few blocks away. It was just a recording describing this kid and what he was wearing. It was just telling us this information because they wanted everyone in the area to look out for him. I listened, hung up the phone, got the food in the car to take it to my parents, made sure Isaak was buckled up and started crying. Mica said, "What's wrong Mommy?" I broke my rule of not talking to them about tragedy's to illustrate a point. I said, "Well Mica that phone call was the police department. A little boy that's only 10 years old is missing. You know how I tell you not to run ahead in stores and at the park?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Well this is the reason why. This little boy is missing. I don't know if he ran away, or was kidnapped. What I do know is I thought about you and how you run ahead. Someone could just take you. I could never see you again. Do you understand what I'm saying?" He said, "Yes." I never did hear if they found him, or not. I don't see anything about this 10 year old on the internet. I can only imagine that he was in fact found. It's such a good thing that a call went out to everyone in the area!


Eat To Live said...

I seen that on the news last night. Such a tragedy and the poor parents must be at their wits end.
I think it is good you talked to Mica about it. I have seen a post where you said they run ahead of you in stores.... not good in this day and age.

~ Noelle said...

so sorry for the call, but also you are so lucky that they do that! I worry all the time as well, as broxton loves running ahead at all times and it scares me to death...

TrendyFashionista2 said...

We are living in such a scary world. Bet you were kind of scared about the phone call.


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