Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where's Isaak?

I went in to wake Isaak up from a nap and this is what he looked like:

Look at all the puppies he has by him from the bottom of his bed!

Behind him is a lovely tree that was put up that he keeps ripping off his wall. Someday I'll have to A: Re glue it, or B: Rip it down and paint it. Right now I'm not doing anything with it. If he can't respect what I've done with his room, he'll have to live with it for awhile.

*Another note: Isaak's been a manner police lately. Daddy will say something to me. Before I have a chance to answer Isaak's like, "Mom you have to say 'Thank you for talking to me'. I said, "Isaak let me just talk to Daddy." I answer him. Daddy says, "Thank you." I say, "You're welcome." Isaak says, "You have to say 'Thank you for saying thank you.'" I don't even know if I did the punctuation right on that last sentence! Anyhow I said, "Isaak I said, 'You're welcome.' That is all I need to say."


Veronica Lee said...

Aww!! Too cute!!

Happy Monday, A!

Eat To Live said...

Hahaha... those two boys sure keep you hoppin!

I don't blame you for not doing anything with his room right now. All your hard work has been destroyed so why bother until he is older and will appreciate it.

Don't they look like little angels when they sleep

TrendyFashionista2 said...

I think I see Isaak hiding out among all those blankets and stuffed animals.

Following gfc

Liz Mays said...

Goodness, what is with his correcting you so much? lol

Eat To Live said...

I could of sworn I left a comment this morning. Hmmmmmm..... maybe it went to spam.

What a little angel he look like while he is sleeping!!!

~ Noelle said...

that is too funny...
i love that comforter! too cute

What I Did Today said...

Hahahaha! A manners police indeed! Made me laugh. And don't you just so frustrated to put effort into something (like that tree) and then they just don't care at all. Ooooo! I'm sure my mother would say I had it coming to me. :) Isaak looks so cute, cuddled up with his puppies.


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