Monday, September 17, 2012

Open House

Mica had an open house for hi school on Thursday night. Talk about rush, rush. Drive 2 1/2 hours to go to a funeral, drive 2 1/2 hours to come home, eat dinner and go to an open house.

Isaak's expression just about summed up how we all felt:

The stinker made a mess with his food and markers. Isaak fell asleep 10 minutes before getting back into town (figures).

It was so important to go to Mica's open house though. I loved walking in his room and seeing this:

It was a classroom full of paper bag kids. Mica even tried to duplicate his Warrior Poet shirt he had on that day. The words and shield were on the bag. He even remembered the ears! Usually we have to remind him to put ears on his people.

There was also multiple Curious Georges on the board to:

It says: "I would take curious George around the world. We would go to Antarctica. Curious George and I would also go to North Pole." He left out "the" North Pole. I never know if Curious should be capital or not? It's not his name, but it's a show. This is why I could never home school.

They also created characters out of shapes:

It says: "My snowman is a funny, nice and pretty snowman. his name is hero and he stands in the snow." We did tell Mica that "His" and "Hero" should be capital. I also told him that I loved the snowman's outfit! Daddy said, "I think I should wait to tell him what yellow snow means."

Mica has really good handwriting. I love his little details in things!


Aleksandra Nearing said...

His handwriting is fabulous! So neat and pretty! Sorry for the long drive but I'm glad you made it to the open house.

Liz Mays said...

So cute! I love seeing the handwriting and those little craft creations. Wonderful!

Sandy VanHoey said...

How old is he? His printing is excellent, especially for a boy. Usually, they're kind of sloppy. He is a super handsome little guy

An Apel a Day said...

Sandy I hope I hope you come back to look at this comment. Mica turned 7 in August. He's in first grade, but could be in second. With an August birthday we did what everyone told us to do, held him one year. He was slow with the fine motor skills and once he got it, well now he's a perfectionist with drawing, writing and cutting.

Eat To Live said...

LOL.... almost peeing my pants over the yellow snow comment.

Well, Mica did a great job with all his artwork. He is sitting there just looking so proud..

~ Noelle said...

i Love his handwriting... and I almost fell out when i read Travis' comment about the yellow snow ! ha ha


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