Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Crafty Little Slob

Isaak has a new hobby. It is to take the paper labels off all the crayons.

Daddy thought at first he was doing this to add the papers into one of his collages. NOPE! He just liked tearing them off. He's not a fan of labels I guess.

He also colored on our wood floor with a Sharpie.

The floor must of needed some more grain in his eyes. When Daddy said something to him Isaak responded with, "How did you know?" It didn't come off with a Steam Vac. It did with fingernail polish remover.

Last night Isaak was talking in his bed. I heard him say, "Red, blue indigo, violet...I love all the colors." He's told me for 1/2 a year he loves all the colors. At least he doesn't discriminate.


Eat To Live said...

LOL.... He can be so cute but why do kids get so destructive. I can remember my daughter carving the wood desk because she was bored.

Are We There Yet! said...

Hair spray can sometimes also take the markers off. Hair spray also can take the goo from tape off.

What I Did Today said...

Ack! Brittan peels the wrappers off her crayons too! Drives me nuts. She hides in the closet and then later I'll go in and find a pile of ripped up papers.

Veronica Lee said...

He is so cute!

Happy Friday, A!

Becky Jane said...

Maybe he'll grow up to be another Michael Angelo... only he'll paint his murals on floors instead of ceilings! LOL

Lindsay said...

Aww, so cute!! I remember when I was little, I used to hate it when other people would take the labels off my crayons. haha!


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