Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today I Stepped on Acorns

My little crafty Isaak has so many boxes, paper and stuff on his floor. He keeps telling me, "Mommy I'm making something! Don't make me put it away!" The thing is, is I believe him. Usually I would make him put it all away. We haven't had time for him to energize his crafty ways.

Today I was putting away his clean clothes and stepped barefoot on a few acorns. I think that hurt more than stepping on Legos!

I picked up his beloved acorns and threw them away.

Then I got on the computer and got an email to make these gems:


Now I feel guilty about throwing his acorns away. It's so odd how I get emails like this craft right after I got rid of them. Things like that have been happening way too much.

So how do you make these acorn gem caps?

Simple! Color them with colored markers, fill them with Elmer's glue, let them dry and you end up with pretty acorn gems. An easy, yet beautiful craft.


Veronica Lee said...

They are so pretty! What a lovely idea!

Unknown said...

wow! Those do look so pretty!! Next time!

Eat To Live said...

Ouch!!! I have stepped on acorns before in my barefeet. I can feel it now. Those sharp little ends can really hurt.

~ Noelle said...

we always have acorns ...
now i know what we can do with them


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