Tuesday, September 11, 2012

White As Can Be

Mica was invited to Fun-Plex this weekend. It's a small amusement park. We've had bad parent luck, so Daddy insisted that I go along. I'm glad I did. The other Mom had her daughter that was only 3 years old along. She of course wanted to go on different types of rides than the bigger boys.

Somehow I ended up with the bigger boys. It was all good except their 2nd grader ran off twice. He knew a lot of people there. It made me nervous. I had 3 other kids with me. Mica's been known to run off, but with a lot of people he now knows better.

It was some type of fun raiser for their culture or religion. I missed the memo on that. I'm not sure that it mattered. The boys had a blast.

They are from Africa, so language wise the mom was hard for me to understand. The kids were easy peasy to comprehend. The boy that's in Mica's class kept saying, "Fun-Plex is the bomb!"

Mica's friend likes Mica a lot. He actually drew him as his best friend last year for an art project.

At Mica's birthday party their boys were the best behaved kids. They helped me pick up and they were good with Isaak.

Mica's in between their two boy's ages. Mica went to school and turned 6 right away in August. Some of the grade above him he's friends with as well.

I took them on rides and more rides.

In the photo below, do you see the roller coaster behind the kid roller coaster? Mica was upset that I wouldn't allow him to ride that. All the other kids were shorter than Mica. They couldn't ride it without an adult. I didn't think Isaak was at all ready for a ride like that. The other kids didn't want to ride it. I didn't want to wait for the long line. I heard Mica wine and complain about not getting on that bigger roller coaster off and on the rest of the time.

After a few rides, it was time to eat. This is when our little family stood out because most everyone under the pavilion was dark skinned. Mica looked at his friend and said, "How come you are friends with me? Don't you know I'm as white as can be? I'm glad we like each other." 
His friend just shrugged and smiled. 
Most of Omaha is Caucasian. I actually really like that Mica's school is diverse. 


Liz Mays said...

What a goof he is! I kinda like that shrug-off response he got too.

There were a lot of rides there!

Eat To Live said...

Hahahah... Mica is a card!! A truthful card. That is so GREAT!

~ Noelle said...

so glad that color isn't a factor in their friendship... just wish more people would remember life like that..


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