Monday, November 26, 2012


Well Isaak and I got sick on Friday night, early Saturday morning. I took him in to get tested for strep because Isaak was around 2 cousins that had it. We both felt achy all over, I had a fever and he felt warm.We had stomach issues to.

Isaak tested out to be negative to strep. Homeward we went to sleep the day away. By 5 Isaak was happy. I still slept off and on all night.

On Sunday we were better. I still felt off, but I figured it was because we did nothing and ate barely anything the day before.

Today I went to work. Isaak was laughing, jumping around and very talkative. I felt much better, but still sore.

At 1 pm Daddy got a call from the doctor's office. Isaak's culture grew over the weekend. He had strep throat. I right away called my doctor and told them what was up. They were nice enough to call me in some meds. I didn't have to go in and pay, yet another co-pay. I went back home and have felt stiff in the neck the rest of the day.

I hope we haven't passed it on. I can't count how many times this evening I've had to get after the boys about leaving each other alone! Mica wanted to cheat with washing his hand. He rinsed them for like 2 minutes. I made him wash again, while singing the alphabet.

Isaak's skipping preschool tomorrow and I'm skipping my class. It stinks because it's almost finals time. I can't go in.

There you have it: 2 sickies.

At least I cyber shopped and took photos today. If you know any new moms I'll be having some giveaways going up on my blog: Milking the Issue tomorrow.

I'll also post on here for my WW: My Christmas Cards! I got them printed with a cyber deal. Then I bought custom stamps to go with my postcards on I had their cyber deal and a gift code. I also bought $50 worth of kids clothing at Crazy 8. They are all larger than what my boys are fitting in now. Clothes for next year. I saved $50 with my purchase!

Here's a few of my buys at Crazy 8. I mainly buy for Mica since he's the one growing. Isaak gets a few things to match his personality along the way.


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh no - strep STINKS. I'm usually a carrier and I pass it on, but never usually get sick from it myself.

Can't wait to see your christmas cards tomorrow!!

Are We There Yet! said...

Oh No!! Not Strep!! Sorry to hear that Alissa. I hate getting sick.

Do you get the flu shot? I get it every year and so does my Hubs, not sure if it takes care of Strepp or not though.

Eat To Live said...

Get well soon Alissa, this is no time to be sick. I am sure you have things to do, places to go and people to see.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hope you both feel better soon! I browsed the deals but didn't end up buying anything.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Glad you're feeling better! I was wondering, may I follow your blog? :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ugh, step is no fun. I hope it passes quickly for you!

We didn't shop yesterday since we got a lot of the same BF deals online on Thursday. I do love those clothes that you got! And it sounds like you got some other fantastic deals too!

mail4rosey said...

Oh no... sorry to hear the rotten news. :(

~ Noelle said...

hope yall are getting rested and feeling better soon!!!!!
cute clothes


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